Spotted this while walking around Motsu-ji temple in Hiraizumi. He seemed quite happy. Don’t actually know who this is, although given that there’s a statue of him, clearly a Buddhist monk of some significance. The lotus flower he’s seated on represents “purity of the body, speech and mind as while rooted in the mud”, and enlightenment, among other things. Don’t know what the object resting in his hands is, although I’d like to know.


Some onions…

Actually, it’s the same onion only sketched using different mediums with, obviously, varying degrees of success.

Hmm. Didn’t notice when I scanned these that the drawing on the following page could be seen faintly, or, in the case of the brush pen onion sketch, quite intrusively. Something to remember next time. That’s the thing with these Moleskine notebooks, I love the look and feel of these notebooks but the pages are very thin.