Rural Shrine – Yamagata

A small rural shrine in Yamagata prefecture.

There is a massive metal utility pole in front of this shrine, literally a couple of feet in front of it, which I’ve removed from the sketch – I was thinking of including it but in the end decided against it.

I used this sketch as an opportunity to try out my Derwent waterbrushes, which I’ve had for a while¬†but haven’t really used them. This is my second sketch using those brushes – I feel I still have some way to go before I feel entirely comfortable with them. Various things went wrong while painting this, the intended result was different to what it is but in spite of my clumsiness I think it still came out sort of okay. Maybe I’ll redo this at some point.

Below the watercolour sketch is an earlier ink sketch I made of the shrine with my micron pens.






I haven’t posted anything for a few days, although not due to lack of activity on my part. This is actually my first line and wash watercolour sketch, of a delicatessen in Cordoba. It’s supposed to be early evening, just starting to darken, although I don’t think I conveyed that entirely successfully.



One sees stone-water basins (temizuya) like these at the entrance to every shrine in Japan. This is one I spotted at Chuson-ji temple in Hiraizumi. It is the first stage of the process in visitng a shrine, a ritual purification, using the long handled ladles to cleanse the hands and the mouth. This one is quite plain, many have their own pavilions.

As an exercise I drew it again with my Pigma Micron pens, which I started using only recently.