I’ve done sketching in the past but only very infrequently. I started taking a more considered approach to sketching and drawing only quite recently so I would consider myself just a beginner. I took an interest in watercolour even more recently, with that I am a total novice, a complete noob.

I’ve been pushing myself to get in the habit of sketching or painting or just creating something every day. It’s probably not every day at the moment but it is most days. My intention isn’t necessarily to produce a completed work every day, that would be limiting, too much of a constraint, although it might be fun to try that as a challenge occasionally. Instead, I try to work every day on a creative project whether that be a sketch, a drawing, a painting, charcoal drawing, graphic design piece, whatever.

So I started this blog because I realised that I’ve been producing sketches, drawings and other pieces but then no-one ever sees them or just a small handful of people at most. I get satisfaction from them but I want to share them with a wider audience. So I decided I should just put this stuff out there so anyone can see them. It’s also, I think, a way of pushing myself to follow through on a commitment and also to provide an impetus to produce more.

As far as this site goes, my plan is to post as and when I have something to post and as and when I feel like it. It’s not going to be every day or even every other day; I could say I was going to do that but it wouldn’t happen. So I’m going to post just when I have something to show or write about and I feel like posting it to this site.